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IIT JEE Physics (1978 to 2018: 41 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

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Course Title: Learning Physics through Simple Experiments


This course will cover some basic principles of Physics and will describe them through few simple experiments. Sometimes the phenomena will be shown first, then in order to understand and analyze it, the theory will be explained. In some cases it will be the reverse.

Course Schedule

Who Should Attend?

The discussion will be roughly at +2 and UG first year level but the experiments could be an educative experience for students from grade 9 onwards. Most of these experiments will throw some challenge to understand it, so even the well trained persons up to Postgraduate level will find it interesting!

Core target groups are
  1. Physics teachers teaching in schools from grade 9 to 12
  2. Physics teachers teaching in colleges at B Sc, B.Tech level
  3. Students from grade 9 to BSc/B.Tech
  4. Others interested in enjoying Physics displayed by Nature in day-to-day life

Course Content

  1. Optics
  2. Mechanics
  3. Electricity/Magnetism
  4. Oscillations and waves


Participation certificate and Competency certificate will be given to qualifying students based on their involvement and performance. Qualifying criteria will be decided by the instructor and will be announced in the course website. Certificate will be issued by Centre for Development of Technical Education (CDTE) , Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.