Five Works of Shankaracharya

Five Works of Shankaracharya Shraddhesh Chaturvedi


This book is a translation of five works of Sri Shankaracharya, the guru who united not only Vedic philosophies but also the people of undivided India. With more than 250 works, which are all equally profound, his impact on Indian psyche still reigns supreme. A brief and easy to understand introduction of 'Adwait Vedanta' is also provided in the beginning. The basic organization of the book is as below:

0. Intoduction to Adwait
Gives an outline of the basic principles of non-dualism.
1. Dakshinamurti Stotram
A prayer to all-pervading Lord Shiva who is the utlimate destination of any spiritual enquiry.
2. Manisha Panchakam
Lord Shiva tests Shankaracharya on his conviction about the absolute.
3. Dasha Shloki
Shankaracharya's famous answer of "Who Am I" to his guru during their first meeting.
4. Drig Drashya Viveka
Builds the logic to distinguish the ultimate seer from its objects of observation.
5. Brahmanuchintanam
Pondering over Absolute Reality which takes us to it.


Authentic and precise. Beautiful presentation of ancient wisdom in modern light. These small but valuable works of Shankaracharaya are worth reading. Go for it!
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The book is available in Kindle eBook as well as papreback format. Its ISBN is 978-1730816000.

About Authors

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi holds a degree in Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He has extensively studied the Vedic philosophies over a decade. According to him, a broad Vedic viewpoint can practically address many thought level problems even today. More importantly, an enquiry to truth enhances our basic understanding about our 'self' and can light our path with bliss and endless hope.