Concepts of Physics

IIT JEE Physics (1978 to 2018: 41 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

Reviews of IIT JEE Physics (1978-2016: 39 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

This is an excelent book. It is different from other similar books in the way it gives very detailed and systematic solutions. Quality of paper and print is attractive as well. Really laudable effort. A must for Physics enthusiasts.

Must for every serious IIT JEE aspirant! There are many solution books available in the market for previous year JEE problems. This book by Mr Jitender stands apart. Solutions are explained in detail. In many questions there are some extra points which are beneficial for aspirants. One good point is book is divided in two volumes according to Concepts of Physics by HC Verma sir. It also reduces the size of book and looks like a text book.

At last some new thing to be adored! Although it contains last yr questions with answers but has got tremendous concept building measures to tackle that problem... Really a pathfinder book from two brain children from great H. C verma sir....

Far better than that of DC Pandey's! Definitely much better than 38 Years' Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers (2016-1979) IIT JEE Physics by D.C. Pandey.

Core of physics concepts! Best book for iit aspirants. Detailed explanations which are more than enough to get into core of the concept.

Finest written solutions! Finest written solutions, I m glad that my students have such a good book. I have referred this to my students.

Five Stars! Excellent book... It helps me and my students very much

There is no substitute of this book at this level! A very nice book. There is no substitute of this book at this level. Thank you Mr Jitendra

Awesome! Hc Verma + this book = complete physics teacher

A new approach to Physics! The way of representing the solution is amazing. Being a physics lover and jee aspirant I saw these two volumes as complete self study package with Concepts of Physics.

Very nice book! This is an excellent book. Well written and easy to understand. I have two other books which are also prev years iit jee papers solved. But they have direct steps with out explanation. But in this book explntn is very good. Blindely go for it.

Perfect tool for JEE Advanced physics! Perhaps the best book there is in the market for IITJEE physics. Supplement this with HC Verma and your concepts will be crystal clear. I have recommended this to my students. And all those who rely on self study, this is the perfect tool. Every question is explained in detail. But you should try to solve it yourself and then check the solutions. Read the solution even if you got the answer in the first attempt.

Turnkey Solution! This book is outcome of a turnkey project for cracking IIT JEE Physics problems. Truly supplements the classics of Irodov and Resnick.

Great Book to read and understand! Quality explanations and methodical approach separates this book from the rest. A clear winner in its category.

Five stars! A good structured compilation.. Topic wise. Usefull for jee aspirants..

gr8 book! Worth buying it at such a low price.

Solutions are well illustrated and are without any conceptual or typographical mistakes. Great Book!

Advanced Book! It's a standard book for those who are serious about becoming a Topper in IIT JEE Advanced. The price of the book is quoted in the range Rs. 200 - 2000, which makes us suspect the intentions of the seller.

Learn in depth Physics and beyond! Best treatment of Optics so far! Other sections like Modern Physics and Magnetism are also nicely covered.

Reviews of Previous Edition(s)

Excellent explanation with necessary diagrams! Precise and clear approach. Excellent explanation with necessary diagrams. Definitely a class apart. Strongly recommended. A great companion with gem of Physics books, Concept of Physics by Prof. H.C.Verma.

An IIT aspirant has to have this book! It's a brilliant book. I have just seen Vol 1 and within that too just the Geometric Optics section. Of course the quality of figures and the typescript are really good; but more importantly the quality of solutions is excellent. Where possible, after giving a detailed solution, the authors give a hint to the reader to try an alternate method. I have also come across cases where they warn the reader of common misconceptions. Just one suggestion in the Optics part - in case of extra-ordinary situations (two halves of a lens kept at a displacement, principal axes of two lenses not matching, object not located on the principal axis of the mirror and such), the ray diagrams could have been better so as to explain the exact interplay of the incident and the reflected/refracted rays. Otherwise, I am very happy with the book and I am sure that the remaining sections in Vol 1 and 2 would be also as good if not better.

Must for JEE! Best IIT preparation book has so many questions and amazingly solved solutions and arranged in deccending order and is forwarded by sir H.C. Verma. JEE aspirants should have this book.

Five Stars! loved it!

Five Stars! Very helpful book for IIT as well as NEET aspirant.

Good book. All answers I can get from it. Thank you Amazon!

Conceptual and Basic approach to all problems! It's an amazing book. I haven't spotted a single error till now. The font is amazing. It's appealing to read the book. A perfect companion to HC Verma. Much much much better than similar books of Arihant/MTG since it contains every question and solutions which evryone can understand.The solutions to even the most difficult of JEE problems are approached through the basics. Buy it if you want your concepts to be strong (obviously along with HCV). Extremely happy with my decision to buy this book.

Good reference for IIT/Engineering entrance physics preparation! It is really great work to filter out years of IIT questions chapter wise. It is really helpful for IIT aspirants for progressive study for physics preparation.....

Excellent book. Must have for all serious jee advance aspirants! Perfectly fits as an indian problem book along with indian written h c verma concepts of physics book just like the russian physics authors used to have a seperate problems book like the "Problems in elementary physics by B Bukhhovtsev" and "Problems in physics by A A Pinsky" along with a rigorous theory book like "Elementary physics by G S Landsberg " or "Fundamentals of physics by A A Pinsky". You can use it as an extention of problems and also as a mock test prep or as a question bank or to test your concepts. Seriously must buy for jee aspirants. Dont think and go for it.

Amazing and complete collection of Physics problems from IIT JEE! It helped my daughter to consolidate her preparation particularly in the final stages. The solutions and the uniqueness of brief approaches helps the student to view the problem in multiple ways. The type setting is also very appealing compared to other collection of Problems books like DC Pandey etc.If a student religiously attempts each and every question listed in the book and understands their underlying theme, he will definitely reach his goal of cracking the JEE exam.

A Must Buy Book! Excellent book.......for preparation of iitjee previous year systematically the things are arranged......

A genuine effort by authors! really good.

must buy book.. Best book for every iit jee aspirant should buy this book ..quality solution understand concept in a better way.

I am a faculty of Physics for JEE. I have gone through the two volumes very deeply and find the quality of solutions to be accurate and lucid. As I myself prescribe HCV (concept of physics) like a bible in concept building stage of all students, I find this book to have great value as it is designed in sync with "Concept of Physics".

Excellent book! A resourceful and an excellent book for students aspiring for IIT-JEE.

An exhaustive collection of IITJEE questions! The solution takes you along the basic concepts behind the problem and the approach presented in the solutions does help in attacking and solving newer problems.

Very useful to build concepts/approach towards solving JEE physics problems! Loved the images/figures used to explain the solutions , which helps to understand/strengthening the concepts very easily. The language used is simple and very descriptive. Topic wise categorization is the beauty of this book. This book in general is good to build the concepts/approach to solve numerous problems for all the topics listed in the JEE syllabus.

Very good for self study and clearing doubts/concepts. Perfect companion for "Concepts of Physics" by H.C. Verma.

Excellent solution book! Excellent book with numerous IIT JEE question solved. This is a must have book for all who have dream to be an IITian. Questions are solved with full and very good explanation. For good physics theory one should look other writers.

Much needed problem solver for self-study! Fully answered my doubts related to angular momentum conservation and rotational mechanics, in general. A must have for clearing your doubts.

A must have for every IIT JEE aspirant! An exhaustive and comprehensive collection of IIT JEE Physics problems, in a very structured manner. Authors have focused on following a methodical approach, and have taken great pains in getting the concepts right. Problems are discussed in a very thorough and lucid manner, which would help any aspirant to tackle unseen problems with aplomb.

Awesome Book, Must buy! IIT Jee aspirants should must buy this book.Each n every thing is given properly. If the reader goes through this book, he/she will get an idea of depth of questions expected from each chapter in the syllabus. undoubtedly authentic solution for Jee aspirants....

Excellent book. Good quality and error free typesetting! Excellent book. Good quality and error free typesetting. Answers given are well explained along with the concept needed to solve it. This book is surely going to a popular one in times ahead.

Five stars! Prefect book for the subject readers very happy about the book

Blindly Go for it! ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS FOR JEE PREPARATION. Solutions are very simple to understood.

Precise and clear approach.Explained nicely. Definitely a class apart! Short and Precise approach.Explained nicely.Definitely a class apart.