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How to draw a grap?


Be honest. Data comes first, interpretation is second. Prejudice/bias shell be avoided.

how to draw a graph
Caption for how to draw a graph?
  1. Sharp pencil. Neat and clean - not defined
  2. Elements of a graph: origin, axis, label, legend, caption, points, curve
  3. Identify the variables. Independent variable on the x-axis.
  4. Variable range xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax
  5. Choice of scale. It should be easy to read coordinates of a point on the graph. The graph shall span 3/4 of the graph paper. Range, number of points and scales. A few exercises/examples.
  6. The variables shall be marked NAME(unit). Labeling of axis (x.yz upto correct number of significant figures)
  7. Measurement point shall be indicated with circle or cross
  8. Curve fitting with hand. Smooth. Half point on one side and remaining on the other side.
  9. Identifying and removing outliers
  10. Caption/Title
  11. Legend
  12. Tabular representation
  13. Fair/rough work. No rough work. Refine/versions
  14. Linear fit
  15. Regression. Least square fit etc


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