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Maths Questions on Percentage for Class 8


A student need to practice maths problems. Its helps in developing problem solving skills. The problems shall not be (i) too simple, (ii) too difficult or (iii) too many. Simple problems are boring, difficult problems discourages (at times), and too many problems don't leave time for fun.

I selected following problems on percentage for my son studying in class 8.

  1. Write in ascending order $16\frac{2}{3}$ percent , $\frac{2}{15}$ and 0.12.
  2. A number is increased by 20 percent and then decreased by 20 percent . Find the net increase or decrease in per cent?
  3. Out of her total monthly salary, Sarita spends 30 percent on house rent and 60 percent of the rest on household expenditure. If she saves Rs 10500, what is her total monthly salary?
  4. The price of sugar goes up by 20 percent . By how much per cent must a housewife reduce her consumption of sugar so that the expenditure on sugar remains the same?
  5. The value of machine depreciates every year by 10 percent . If the present value of the machine be Rs 99000, what was its value last year?
  6. A's income is 60 percent more than that of B. By what percent is B's income less than A's?
  7. The price of petrol goes up by 10 percent . By how much per cent must a motorist reduce the consumption of petrol so that the expenditure on it remains unchanged?
  8. An alloy contains 40 percent copper, 30 percent nickel and rest zinc. Find the mass of zinc in 1 kg of the alloy.
  9. Gunpowder contains 75 percent nitre and 10 percent sulphur. Find the amount of gunpowder which carries 9 kg nitre. What amount of gunpowder would contains 2.5 kg sulphur?
  10. Find the percentage of pure gold in 22-carat gold, if 24-carat gold is 100 percent pure.
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