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Value of Frequently Used Physical Constants

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Name Symbol Value
Speed of light c $3\times{10}^{8}$ m/s
Planck constant h $6.63\times{10}^{-34}$ J s
hc 1242 ev-nm
Gravitation constant G $6.67\times{10}^{-11}$ m3kg-1 s-2
Boltzmann constant k $1.38\times{10}^{-23}$ J/K
Molar gas constant R 8.314 J/(mol-K)
Avogadro's number NA $6.023\times{10}^{23}$ mol-1
Charge of electron e $1.602\times{10}^{-19}$ C
Permeability of vacuum $\mu_0$ $4\pi\times{10}^{-7}$ N/A2
Permitivity of vacuum $\epsilon_0$ $8.85\times{10}^{-12}$ F/m
Coulomb constant $\frac{1}{4\pi\epsilon_0}$ $9\times{10}^{9}$ N m2/C2
Faraday constant F 96485 C/mol
Mass of electron $m_e$ $9.1\times{10}^{-31}$ kg
Mass of proton $m_p$ $1.6726\times{10}^{-27}$ kg
Mass of neutron $m_n$ $1.6749\times{10}^{-27}$ kg
Atomic mass unit u $1.66\times{10}^{-27}$ kg
Atomic mass unit u 931.49 MeV/c2
Stefan-Boltzmann constant $\sigma$ $5.67\times 10^{-8}$ W/(m2 K4)
Rydberg constant $R_\infty$ $1.097\times{10}^{7}$ m-1
Bohr magneton $\mu_B$ $9.27\times{10}^{-24}$ J/T
Bohr radius $a_0$ $0.529\times{10}^{-10}$ m
Standard atmosphere atm $1.01325\times{10}^{5}$ Pa
Wien displacement constant b $2.9\times{10}^{-3}$ m K


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