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A Puzzle to divide volume (with solution)


Problem: There are three containers of volume 300 ml, 500 ml and 800 ml. The 800 ml container is completely filled with water and other two containers are empty. You need to divide 800 ml water into two equal parts i.e., 400 ml each by using three containers given to you.


The purpose of this puzzle is to give a feeling of volume, its measurement and its unit. A popular unit to measure the volume is litre. One litre is equal to 1000 milli litre (ml).

There are various methods to solve this puzzle e.g., hit and trial method, logical method etc. The steps involved in logical method are:

  1. Arrange the three containers such that volume is in descending order.
  2. Transfer from highest to medium if medium is empty.
  3. Transfer from medium to least if least is not fully filled.
  4. Transfer from least to highest if least is filled.

You can also use containers of 1000 ml, 700 ml and 300 ml.


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