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PsiPhiETC is committed to deliver select books on Physics and Philosophy to the readers. Our goal is to deliver good quality books at a reasonable price.

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How to Pronounce PsiPhiETC?

What's in a Name PsiPhiETC?

The name PsiPhiETC is composed of three parts (1) Psi, (2) Phi and (3) ETC. Last part, ETC is pronounced as three letters "e" "t" "c" (NOT as etcetera). The letter E stands for Education, T for Training and C for Consultancy. With the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, we are trying to spread the knowledge of Physics i.e., Knowledge of Nature. Our written work is powered by the typesetting system TeX. The tagline (slogan) is three words "Read. Think. Solve."

First part Psi is pronounced as Sai. It sounds like sanskrit letter स (sa), the first letter of सरस्वती (Saraswati). It's symbol is greek letter Ψ. In TeX, it is typeset by the command \Psi.

Middle part Phi is pronounced as Fai as in sci-fi. It's symbol is greek letter Φ. In TeX, it is typeset by the command \Phi. The symbol Φ is also used to represent Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion. To us, Φ represents nature and its exploration.

In a nutshell, PsiPhiETC is pronounced as Sai-Fai-E-T-C, its symbols is ΨΦETC and it represents Saraswati, Nature, and Education Training Consultancy.


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