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Parts of a Candle Flame


A candle flame is the result of burning wax. It is produced by heating the wax until it vaporizes and then igniting the vapor. The heat produced by the flame vaporizes more wax, which is then burned, creating a self-sustaining process. A wick is used to draw melted wax up to the flame.

A candle flame has three major parts (1) the inner dark part (2) the middle luminous part and (3) the outer hot part. Each part has its distinct characteristics.

  1. The dark part has a low temperature, blackish in color, and has lots of wax vapours.
  2. The middle luminous part is orange in color, has a moderate temperature and there is unburnt carbon in it.
  3. The outer part is not visible, the vapour gets completely burnt due to the presence of sufficient oxygen, and the temperature of this part is the maximum.


  1. Experiments

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