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Saturated salt solution


This experiment is from NAEST prelims 2014.

Make concentrated salt solution with 10 gram of salt, and calculate the concentration in g/ml of the solution at the existing temperature of the solution.

You need packet of 10 gram salt, 500 ml of water, Beaker of glass, Stirrer, Measuring Cylinder, Thermometer, Syringe.

The amount of salt is fixed and you have to put minimum needed water to dissolve it. In case you fail at certain stage you may ask for another packet of 10 gram salt only once. Make as accurate measurements as you can. Write the approximations, you have taken, errors that could have gone, your efforts to reduce the error. Write the final value obtained for concentration in gram/milliliter of solution. Estimate the uncertainty /error in the measurement. Write the temperature of the solution. Presentation is yours. You have to plan for tables, headings, etc.


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