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Reflection of Sound


The students often remember laws of reflection without understanding them. This demonstration is to understand the laws of reflection.

Take two long, identical tubes and place them on a table near a wall. Ask your friend to speak softly into one tube while you use the other tube to listen. You will find that you hear your friend's voice best when the tubes make equal angles with the wall, i.e., when \(\angle i=\angle r\). Also, if you lift your tube off the table, you will not be able to hear your friend's voice clearly. This is because your tube, the incident sound and the normal are no longer in the same plane.

reflection of sound

Repeat the experiment by placing flat objects of different materials (steel and plastic trays, a cardboard, a tray draped with cloth, etc.) against the wall. You will find that hard surfaces reflect sound better than soft ones.

This experiment is given in chapter on Sound in NCERT Class 9 book. We could not observe what the experiment claims.


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