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Davisson Germer Experiment


The Davisson-Germer experiment provided evidence for the wave-particle duality of matter. It confirmed the deb Broglie's hypothesis that matter particles, such as electrons, could exhibit wave-like properties.

In the experiment, a beam of electrons was directed at a crystalline nickel target, and the scattered electrons were detected by a fluorescent screen. The results showed a diffraction pattern, which is a characteristic of waves. This pattern could only be explained if the electrons were behaving like waves, rather than classical particles.

The Davisson-Germer experiment provided strong evidence for the wave-particle duality of matter and contributed to the development of quantum mechanics.


Problems from IIT JEE

Problem (JEE Mains 2022):
Statement 1: Davisson-Germer experiment establishes the wave nature of electrons.
Statement 2: If electrons have wave nature, they can interfere and show diffraction.

  1. Both statement 1 and statement 2 are true.
  2. Both statement 1 and statement 2 are false.
  3. Statement 1 is true but statement 2 is false.
  4. Statement 1 is false but statement 2 is true.


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