Physics from Panchatantra Stories

Panchatantra stories have been fascinating children (and yes, adults too) since long time. It is a beautiful way to teach moral values through various situations of the animal world. It also conveys the message that if an animal can behave sincerely for his duties, then why not the human beings. We have read these stories many times, and still we enjoy reading these stories. But, our mind is never shaken by the idea of making physics (or mathematics) problems out of these fables. If you ask, how is it possible to see physics in such stories, which are supposed to teach us to be a good human being, not a good physicist, then the answer is, yes it is! Why? Because, we are Utsahi Physics Teachers. We have the ability to see physics in each and everything in the nature.

The Science cell of Shiksha Sopan, an IIT Kanpur based NGO, is planning to bring out a book of such Physics problems. We would like to invite our enthusiastic physics teachers to contribute to this task by selecting a story and making a problem set as in the sample. The contributors will be appropriately acknowledged in the book.

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