Future Books of Dr HC Verma

Disclaimer:The information given here do not have approval of Dr HC Verma and is only an intelligent guess.

Dr HC Verma is passionate about writing Physics books. The expectations of the students are even more. We could get following information from the resources available on the internet and informal chat with him:

  1. New Edition of Concepts of Physics? This is the common question from many students at 10+2 level. We don't expect new edition in near future. This Youtube Video gives historical background of Concepts of Physics and his plans for new books.
  2. Hindi version of Concepts of Physics. Dr HC Verma is working on Hindi version of Concepts of Physics. This can be inferred from his facebook posts like this.

    I wrote few lessons in Physics in Hindi and gave it to a student who just passed B Sc from Kanpur university. He has...

    Posted by H C Verma on Tuesday, January 20, 2015
  3. Books for BSc/MSc students. We expect many books from Dr HC Verma for the BSc/MSc students. This can be inferred from the Youtube link given above. Aslo see book on Electromechanics Dr HC Verma is working on.

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