Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov

Considered as Gita of JEE aspirants, Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov was published by MIR publishers (Russia) in 1981. The book contains 1878 problems, their answers and hints to difficult ones. These problems are divided into six chapters - mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, waves, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics. Each chapter starts with a summary of relevant formulas. The problems are challenging, many of them require a good understanding of physics concepts and mathematical skills.

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  2. Where to Get Irodov's Solution?
  3. How to Solve Irodov's Problems?
  4. Irodov Problems for IIT JEE
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How to Get this Book?

You can get paperback in book shops or buy it from Amazon. The eBook can be read or downloaded from

Where to Get Irodov's Solutions?

You can see Irodov's Solutions at this blog. Also, have a look at elegant handwritten solutions of Irodov on a Russian website. If you are not happy with these then google it, there are plenty of websites for Irodov's solutions.

Following books are on Irodov's solution:

How to Solve Irodov's Problems?

This question does not have a definite answer as there is no fixed way to approach a problem. Following guidelines are likely to help you in your journey:

Before Solving a Problem During Solving After Solving

Irodov Problems for IIT JEE

Many problems in Irodov are out of JEE syllabus. The problems relevant to IIT JEE are listed below. Click to download pdf of this list.

List of Irodov's Problems for IIT JEE

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Irodov is relevant for both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Its problems not only challenges the students but also inspire the paper setter. For example, JEE Mains 2019 electrostatic problem "Two identical charged spheres suspended from a common point..." is based on Irodov problem 3.3. There are many such examples in JEE history. However, JEE aspirants should keep an eye on JEE syllabus as many problems in Irodov are out of the syllabus.

No book is enough for competitive examinations like IIT JEE. Your capacity, time, and goal (desired rank) decides where to stop. If you are able to solve Irodov problems with ease then you are well prepared in physics. Keep a balance among physics, chemistry and maths.

Irodov is better than Krotov for IIT JEE. The problems in Irodov has a balance between concepts and intuitive skills. There are 1800 problems in Irodov as compared to 250 in Krotov. Read detailed comparison.

Irodov has limited utility for NEET/AIIMS. Although Irodov has questions that may be asked in these examinations but they are less in number and difficult to identify. Also, these standard questions may be found in other books. I don't recommend Irodov for NEET/AIIMS.

JEE test students for conceptual clarity and skills to solve complex problems (involving multiple concepts). Irodov has thousands of problems of this type. Although JEE problems are original, many of them are inspired by problems in Irodov. This is because of the vast variety of problems in Irodov - it has standard as well as tricky problems.

Yes, if you are prepared and wish to challenge yourself. The book has wonderful problems that will take your understanding and problem solving skills to another level. However, if you are not comfortable with theory (concepts) and don't have sufficient time (impatient) then unable to solve its problems may bring your morale down.

Many JEE problems are inspired by problems in Irodov. Some of these questions are listed in the table below:

  1. Mechanics:
  2. Thermodynamics:
  3. Electrodynamics: 3.3 (JEE 2019), 3.245 (JEE 2011)
  4. Waves and Osc.:
  5. Optics:
  6. Atomic and Nuclear:

Irodov is not necessary as there are many other sources that are aligned with JEE. If you have access to a reliable source of good problems than it is fine. I recommend Irodov because it has stood the test of time. Always keep an eye on syllabus as many problems in Irodov are out of JEE syllabus.

It may take 5 minutes to an hour depending on (i) the problem you are trying and (ii) your command over concepts and problem solving skills. The time required to solve a problem is immaterial as far as physics is concerned.

A good understanding of the theory and experience in problem solving are required to solve Irodov. Fortunately, these can be acquired through a well known process if sustained efforts are made. If you are unable to solve Irodov problems then either you have not made those efforts (which is most likely) or you may be what you said.

Yes, there are many books having problems tougher than Irodov. Aptitude Test Problems in Physics by SS Krotov and Puzzling Physics Problems by P. Gnadig are two examples. You will find tougher problems (on the same topic) in any higher level Physics book.

Biography of I.E. Irodov

I.E. Irodov

IE Irodov (16 November 1923 – 22 October 2002) was a Soviet physicist and World War II veteran. He was mostly known as a physics professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering (MEPHi) and the author of a series of handbooks on general physics, which became lecture courses in physics in several countries. I.E. Irodov Page on Wikipedia

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