Advanced Level Physics by Nelkon and Parker

Advanced Level Physics by Nelkon and Parker

Advanced Level Physics by Nelkon and Parker was first published in 1958. It is an old textbook with theory and problems. The theory part of the book is written well but its problems are not so good. Most of the questions/problems in this book require detail explanation (usually asked in university examinations). This is a typical BSc level book for universities.

The book has 43 chapters that cover topics in mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, waves and oscillations, electromagnetism and modern physics.

This book is recommended for students interested in understanding physics. It gives lucid and clear-cut explanations.

If you are looking for good problems and deep concepts, this is not the book. Not recommended for IIT-JEE aspirants.

Where to Get

You can read eBook or download pdf (48 MB) from Indian edition of the book was published by CBS publishers. Buy 7th Edition of the Book from Amazon.

The book is supplemented by Examples and Exercises for Advanced Level Physics by M. Nelkon.

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