A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics by L.A. Sena

A collection of questions and problems in physics by LA Sena

A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics by L.A. Sena was published by MIR publishers (Russia) in 1988. The book contains 400 problems and their solutions. The aim of the book is to develop practical skills during the study of physics. A special feature of this book is the extensive use of diagrams and drawings. The graphics not only help in a better understanding of the problems and solutions but also triggers alternate thinking. The book is recommended for physics lovers as it contains a good collection of problems. However, it cannot be used as a primary book for IIT JEE. You can download pdf from archive.org or buy paperback from Amazon.

Key Features

The book has a good collection of thought provoking problems. The book is divided into two parts - (1) problems and (2) solutions. Each part is further divided into 9 sections

  1. Mechanics - 58 questions and problems
  2. Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics - 64 questions and problems
  3. Electrostatics - 43 questions and problems
  4. Direct Current - 42 questions and problems
  5. Electromagnetism - 41 questions and problems
  6. Oscillatory Motion and Waves - 45 questions and problems
  7. Alternating Current - 14 questions and problems
  8. Optics - 57 questions and problems
  9. Atomic and Nuclear Physics - 34 questions and problems

The book is aimed to develop student's creative thinking and ability to analyze physical phenomena. The main emphasis is on the use of diagrams and sketches. A drawing makes the essence of a problem clearer and assists in the development of qualitative thinking.

The book is structured in such a way that all students, from the well-prepared to the not-so-well-prepared, can use it. If a student is not able to answer a question or solve a problem, a careful study of the solution will help him to master the theory involved.

All questions and problems have detailed answers and solutions. At times a variety of solutions are given. The majority of answers and solutions are analyzed and discussed. Sometimes practical applications are given to show how and where the specific phenomena and laws are used. These solutions help to improve understanding of physics.

The book also has a nicely compiled postface on the last page. It describes the four steps for problem-solving viz. (1) physical description of the problem (2) mathematical model (3) solution of the mathematical model and (4) interpretation of the results. These steps are visible in the solutions.

Biography of L.A. Sena

Lev A Sena

Prof. L. A. Sena (1908-1997) was a Soviet physicist. He graduated with Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics (plasma physics, gas discharge physics) from Physical Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. He specializes in experimental physics and work as faculty at Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. L. A. Sena has more than 200 scientific articles, 2 monographs, 6 books, and numerous manuals.

In the late forties, he was arrested for writing and singing freedom-loving songs. After his release, he returned to scientific activities. Lev Aronovich Sena was a highly educated and intelligent man. Renowned Soviet physicist Yakov Zeldovich used to call L. A. Sena as his first teacher. LA Sena guided Zeldovich in his early research career.

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