RESPECT-KVs Workshop

Demo/Actvities by Participants

In these workshops, participants are encouraged to present physics demonstration/activities which they find interesting and enriching. It makes the workshop more interactive and all gets benefitted. We can provide required material (if you tell us in advance) or you can bring it with you. Generally, 10-15 min time can be given to interested participants.

You are encouraged to share your ideas on this.

Useful information:

  1. Invitation letter giving workshop overview (doc)
  2. Accomodation and food expenditure (jpg)
  3. Workshop Venue
  4. Google map for venue
  5. How to reach Osmania University
  6. Participants contact detail (pdf) (updated 14-10-16)
  7. Pre-workshop assignment to be submitted at registration (pdf) . Please submit solutions for mechanics and electromagnetism on separate sheets as they will be evaluated by different instructors. You need not to type the solutions, hand written are good enough.