National Experimental Skill Test (NEST) 2014

Resource Material (Text/Video/PPT)

  1. Screening and Prelim Questions with Answers and Video Links: pdf
  2. Video Playlist Link on Youtube is here
  3. Screening Test Presentation: pdf

Finals Results

Prelim Test Results

Following Students are Cleared for Semi-Finals:

  1. A Shanmukh, Class 12, St Patrick's Junior College
  2. K S Lakshmi, BSc, St Francis College for Women

The Anveshika Level Awardees

Screening Test Results

Following students are cleared for preliminary test to be conducted from from 2:30PM to 5:30PM on 9th Aug at Science Block (1st Floor), Women College, Koti, Hyderabad. The students are advised to carry Pen, Examination Pad, and School Identity Card and reach the venue 15 min before start of the Test. The students will be given a set of four (4) experiment to be completed within stipulated time. The details of experiments will be provided during test. The invigilators will note the performance during experiments.

SCREENING Test Venue and Timing

The NEST Screening Test will be held from 2:00PM to 5:00PM on 2nd Aug 2014(Sat) at ECE Auditorium, University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

The test will be semi-interactive in nature. The students will be shown a live demo/video clip of an experiment/concept and question will be asked on that. The student need to write the answer in answer sheet provided by organizer (students are requested to bring examination pad and pen). There will be 10-12 demo/video clip like this. The students will be given sufficient time to think, analyse and write after each demo/video. The test is meant to check students understanding and conceptual clarity. We do not recommend any type of preparation for the NEST as it is meant to check natural abilities/skills of the student.

The test will be in both English and Telugu. We will try our best to provide friendly and encouraging environment so that student can deliver his/her best.

The objective of NEST is to identify best students through a healthy, encouraging and enjoyable competition. The registrations are open till 31st July. You may recommend your colleagues/friends for their benefit.

How to Reach: The student need to get down at Bus Stop of College of Engineering. See google map here. Some of the route maps to reach the workshop venue are: Nampally Stn→Himayat Nagar→Vidyanagar→Osm. Univ.→ECE Auditorium, Univ. Engg. College (Bus Route: 136). Secunderabad Stn→Taranaka→Osm. Univ.→Arts College→Ladies Hostel→ECE Auditorium, Univ. Engg. College (Bus Route: 107T, 107J/T, 3ss). Kachiguda Stn→Barkatpura→Vidyanagar→Osm. Univ.→ECE Auditorium, Univ. Engg. College (Bus Route: 3s, 3ss). Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station→Koti or Kachiguda→Barkatpura→Vidyanagar →Osm. Univ.→ECE Auditorium, Univ. Engg. College (Bus Route: All 3s). Jubilee Bus Station→Secunderabad→Taranaka→Osm. Univ.→Arts College→Ladies Hostel→ECE Auditorium, Univ. Engg. College (Bus Route: 107J/T, 3ss)


The National Winner of NEST will be invited to the National Convention of IAPT at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh to receive the Prize in the Prize ceremony. Second and third runner ups will be given prizes at corresponding Anveshikas. Besides this, the three toppers at Prelims will be given prizes at Anveshika. National Winner Rs 5000/- Rs 3000/- Rs 2000/- Prelims Winner Rs 1000/- Rs 750/- Rs 500/-


Each institution may nominate a maximum of three students by sending (1) Name, (2) Class, (3) School, (4) Mobile, and (5) Email, to the local organizer on or before 31st July, 2014. There is no registration fee.

Local Organizer

NEST in Hyderabad will be organized by Vijnana Bharati (, an organization known for promoting scientific attitude with national interest as key motive. The postal addresses of local organizers are (a) Vijnana Bharati, 3rd Floor, Jagruthi Bhavan, Opp-Jain Temple, Kachiguda, Hyderabad (b) ViBha-IAPT Anveshika, 116, Nakshatra Colony, Balapur, Hyderabad-500005. The nomination details i.e., student's (1) Name, (2) Class, (3) School, (4) Mobile, and (5) Email, may be sent to local organizer via Email, Phone, or Post.

The selected candidates will be informed about the test venue via Email/SMS/Phone on or before 31st July, 2014.