National Anveshika Experimental Skills Test (NAEST) 2020

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NAEST is aimed to inculcate the culture of doing physics experiments. It is conducted by National Anveshika Network of India (NANI) and coordinated by Dr. H. C. Verma. Click on the video to know more about NAEST.

NAEST Format and Registration

NAEST is a two level test (1) School Level for students from class 9 to 12, and (2) College Level for BSc and MSc students. NAEST involves (1) screening test, (2) Prelims (3) Semi Finals/ Final. Any student enrolled in class 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Indian state or central-board or student enrolled in B.Sc. or M.Sc. of any Indian university can register for NAEST-2020.

Screening Test

NANI is collaborating with the Center of Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur for the registration and screening test of NAEST-2020. In screening test, 8 to 10 short video clips of some innovative experiments or physics phenomenon will be shown to the students. The students needs to answer the questions based on these videos. These questions test student's observation skills and basic understanding of the subject. The screening test will be conducted on 9th August, 2020. Click for registration.

You will have access to previous year questions, discussion forums, etc after registration. It is also an opportunity to get connected with Dr H.C. Verma and his team.

Preliminary Test

The students selected from the screening round will be allowed in the prelims, which will be conducted by the Anveshikas. Each student will be assigned to an Anveshika. This round focuses more on performing experiments and analyzing the data by the participants. Details of the prelims round will be shared with selected candidates.


The students selected from prelim will be allowed in semifinal and final round. The format of semi/finals will be similar to that of prelims.

Useful Resources

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