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National Anveshika Experimental Skills Test (NAEST)


National Anveshika Network of India (NANI) is conducting National Anveshika Experimental Skills Test (NAEST) at all the Anveshika centers to encourage the culture of doing experiments. NAEST is being organized at Two Levels, (1) School Level, Class 9 to Class 12 and (2) College Level, BSc/MSc. The test format is as follows:


Nominations are invited from schools/colleges for participation in NAEST. A limited number of nominations per institution will be accepted. In special cases, individual nominations can also be accepted. Out of the total nominations received at each Anveshika, screening will be done to select a maximum of 20, through a video quiz. A short experiment will be shown in each video and questions will be asked based on the experiments shown. Based on the answers screening will be done to select students for Prelim.


Each student in Prelim will be required to perform a set of 4 experiments. Evaluation will be done by the evaluating team on performing the experiment with care, results obtained and the analysis done. From each Anveshika, the topper in each level (school/college) will move to Finals.

Semi Final and Final

Semi Final and final competition of NAEST will be done at SGM-IAPT Anveshika, Kanpur. The semi finalists will be given another set of experiments to perform. Based on this, certain numbers will be selected for Final round. National Winners will be selected through a third set of experiments from these finalists.


The National Winner of NAEST will be invited to the National Convention of IAPT to receive the Prize in the Prize ceremony. Second and third runner ups will be given prizes at corresponding Anveshikas. Besides this, the three toppers at Prelims will be given prizes at Anveshika.

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